May 14, 2014

Muesli Bar | At Down Under | Viviane Perenyi

I can't help but feel the need to nibble something towards the end of afternoon. Usually sweet, but sometimes I like a savoury snack too. Today was no different and I made these muesli bars to satisfy my sweet craving...

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Je ne peux m'empêcher de grignoter un petit quelque chose en fin d'après-midi. Généralement sucré, mais parfois j'apprécie aussi un snack salé. Aujourd'hui n'a pas été une exception; Et j'ai préparé ces barres muesli pour satisfaire ma petite envie de sucré...


Would you be so nice to write me the recipe of these bars? Thank you in advance :) mollisia

Right, I ment sweetened condensed milk. I like this recipe, you can find it here. I’ve never heard about yours, it sounds very simple, so I probably try it. You know, I want to change them. My husband takes such a bar everyday, because he needs some snack between breakfast and lunch at work - and that’s perfect- much more healthier than those from a shop… I don’t want to make you bored, so: I’m glad I found your version of homemade bars :) mollisia

Thank you for sharing this link. I’ll certainly try. And no worries, it’s always interesting to exchange ;) Vanille

Mollisia, I’ve made these bars by eye really. I’ll let you know the proportions if I manage to make them again soon. Vanille

Oh, I see. I made mine once - also by eye :). But I’d like to know what stick all ingredients together? I used condensed milk and bake them. And what do you do? mollisia

Condensed milk -sweetened I guess ?- sounds like a lovely idea. Here, I simply baked the slab using a blend of sugar and honey as binder. Vanille